Programs held at meetings

2016- 2018  Libby Sewell
2016- 2018 Bulletin 1


2016-2018 Beverly Payne
2016- 2018 Bulletin 1 1B
You can conduct a "mini" LEADS at your club!
Manuals located at Resources


2016- 2018 Michele Small
2016- 2018 Bulletin  1

 Newsletter & Yearbook

2016- 2018  Janie Ade
2016- 2018 Bulletin 1


2016- 2018 Marion Cason
2016- 2018 Bulletin  1B

1895 Society

2016- 2018  Sharlene Cox
22016- 2018 Bulletin  1
The headquarters are maintained with funds from this society. Membership is annual at the levels of $18.95, $185, $1895.
Membership application is found at Mall.

Programs - Women

The CSPs and Program Areas listed here have chairmen for both Women and Juniors and listed separately under the Women or Juniors menu tab. Any areas that have only one chairmen meaning one chairman handles all clubs are found at the About/Programs menu tab.

All Administrative, Contests, Membership forms and documents shared by all clubs are found at Resources.

GFWC has provided a Guide to the Community Service Programs which includes explanations, resources, awards, and descriptions of what some clubs have done in that area.

GFWC Manual - descriptions

Special Service Programs and Community Service Programs, Advancement Guides, and the Awards, Contests and Grants are separate sections of the manual. To open them, click on the plus sign at the right hand side of the line, then click on each item you want to read. You will ALWAYS get the latest versions this way in case they are updated (very likely).

Click HERE to be directed to the GFWC Manual. Do not use the Website Contest information on GFWC, use our GFWC Florida informaton only. We send the winner to GFWC.

arts logo Arts

2016- 2018 Jeanette Basile
2016- 2018 Bulletin 1 1B

conservation logo Conservation

2016- 2018 Cheryl Lunn
2016- 2018 Bulletin  1 1B

education logo Education

2016- 2018 Paula Lou Mapoles
2016- 2018 Bulletin 1 1B

home life logo Home Life

2016- 2018 Mireya Kilmon
2016- 2018 Bulletin  1 1B

international outread logo International Outreach

2016- 2018 Elena Coates
2016- 2018 Bulletin 1 1B

public issues logo Public Issues

2016- 2018 Marguerite Robinson 
2016- 2018 Bulletin 1 1B