Downloads  Women's Clubs

These are files used by the women's clubs. For files that Women and Juniors have in common, see Resources/Downloads.

Reporting Forms and Presentation

2016-2018 NEW Statistical Form (updated Sept 15 2016) excel

2016-2018 NEW Narrative Report (updated Aug 30 2016) word

Reporting Presentation Workshop Presentation 2016 powerpoint

2016-2018 What to Report Where  (updated Dec 2016)

And also don't forget these

Honor Score 2016  excel   pdf  rev 1/13/17
LBP 2016 excel  pdf  rev 1/11/17
Florida LEADS (see Resources for forms)
2016-2018 Volunteer of the Year (see Resources for forms)

Here are the Forms for collaboration and work with the Juniors.

Judy Lutz
Youth Leadership
Mary Ann Taylor
2017 One Voice for Children Grant

Please use this template for writing bulletins

Bulletin Template 

Volunteer of the Year and LEADS forms at Resources. Scroll down page on the right side to get the latest versions.

You will need Adobe Reader for PDF files. You may obtain it free from