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Dear Jennie

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Jennie is YOUR voice when you aren't sure who to ask. She's your voice in getting answers. She's your voice in helping you through the maze we all lovingly call Federation.

Write her when you have questions, she has contacts to everyone through the Member at Large. She will get your answers, put your questions and answers (annonymously, of course) on this page because she knows if you asked, someone else has too and never spoke up.


Dear Jennie: I am involved in dues processing in our club, and need some advice on how to handle a member transfer from another GFWC Florida club. We looked at the website and were unable to find instructions.

Dear Club Officer: In checking with GFWC Second VP Dianne and GFWC Parliamentarian Ted, there is no specific procedure for the transfer of a member from club to club within the state. Each club is governed by their own bylaws, but most members simply contact the new club which they wish to join. The rest is up to your club bylaws and officers as to refunds sent to the transferring member or club if appropriate. If this is not addressed in your club’s bylaws, there is no obligation to refund and the transferring member must adhere to the bylaws of her new club.

Circumstances which may come into play are the time of year of the transfer and the dues period for your club. As an example, if you receive a transfer request in November, find out if the transferring member already paid dues at her old club and confirm that club included her in their membership list and dues payment they sent to Headquarters. It would not be appropriate to collect dues again for the same year this late in the year, after dues are sent to HQ, or to include a member in both clubs’ membership numbers. If your club receiving the member has dues payable in January, collect the 2016 dues from the transferring member and include her in your 2016 membership numbers. Please don't forget to let common sense and courtesy prevail as you work with the club from which the member is transferring.


Dear Jennie, I know there's a form out there to report officer and club changes. Where can I find it, and who should I send it to?
- Wanting to keep our club info up to date.

Dear Wanting to Keep Up to Date: You can go to, and click on the red RESOURCES tab. Once there you will see a link to the form under Club and President Update Form. The form itself lists those to whom you should email your information.


We received a very nice donation for one of our projects, and I'm wondering is there is a form letter on the website for thanking donors?
Looking for advice

Dear Looking for Advice : Thank you for writing with this question. Because circumstances may differ, and because some of our clubs have 501 (c) (3) status while others do not, there is no form letter. We suggest you send a letter to the donor on club stationery, referring to the dollar amount, and mentioning how their donated funds will impact a particular project, or how the donation otherwise will be utilized. If your club is a 501 (c) (3), don't forget to identify that in your letter. By following this guideline, should your donor wish to include the donation in their tax filing they will have all the needed information.


Dear Jenny, Is it always necessary for members to stand for the Collect? Or can members remain seated? Also, is it necessary for the Collect to be recited at a particular time during the meeting?
Wondering about protocol

Dear Wondering: Our protocol does not specifically address the Collect, which is a collection of prayers Federation respects as basically our creed. So there is no requirement we must stand, or for that matter kneel. However, in practice, out of respect, those who are able to should stand.

Not all clubs say the Collect, nor is it mandatory to do so. Per Roberts Rules, the meeting starts with the reading of the minutes, so what a club does beforehand is up to each club. In practice, most clubs include the Collect in their opening exercises, and out of respect members stand and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag. Other clubs recite the Collect at the end of their meetings.

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Dear Jenny, Please post a one-sentence bullet on the Membership Monday updates whenever something new hits the website. Otherwise, we have to keep checking the website for things we can't see and don't know are new.

Looking for New Information

Dear Looking for New Information, Would you believe that what you have been doing--checking the website frequently--is exactly what those of us who wish to stay abreast of what this great organization is doing have made a habit?! I did an informal survey of our members in different parts of the state, and learned that most of them were checking our website a minimum of once weekly. They shared with me that not only did they find new and updated information, but that they enjoyed the Home Page and how it reflects the most timely things going on in GFWC Florida. So, keep up what you have been doing, as you are part of the movers and shakers out there!

By the way, our webmaster tells me she is putting out information in Membership Monday on additions or changes on items like final reporting information, a new Remittance Form, reminders about critical deadlines, etc. However, as an example, when our Chairmen develop their Bulletins, these come in on a scattered basis. One of the benefits of visiting at least weekly is that you can check on things you specifically are wanting to download or print out. I know in my own case, since visiting the website more frequently, I am getting very comfortable in finding what I need and in navigating the site and in helping those members who write Dear Jennie as well as members in my own club.

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Dear Jennie, What about signing up our pets to be a GFWC Florida Booster?
Staunch Supporter

Dear Staunch Supporter:
The definition of a Booster is a supporter of GFWC Florida. We accept all forms of Boosters. Please sign up your pet! You can go to, and under Mall you will find the sign-up info.

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Dear Jennie, I signed up twice by mistake for Membership Monday. How to I delete one and not both?
Just Wondering

Dear Just Wondering:
Not to worry, as this is an easy fix for you. Just open your email to whichever one YOU DO NOT WISH to continue to receive. Then at the bottom, left hand side, you will see a link to "Unsubscribe." Our webmaster tells me the system does not allow duplicate sign-ups, so she is thinking you may have two emails.

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Dear Jennie, Our club soon will have a 25 year and a 50 year member celebrating anniversaries. What can we do to recognize them? Thinking Ahead

Dear Thinking Ahead,

 At, we have a form for clubs to request a recognition certificate for either 25 or 50 year members. You can locate the form from the Home Page under the RESOURCES tab at the top. Processing directions are included on the form.

You also may purchase a 25 or 50 year pin through GFWC Florida Headquarters. To order online, from the Home Page, go to the MALL tab at the top. Or, depending on the timing of your need, you may purchase the pins at Fall Boards or Conventions at the Headquarters table.

In addition, GFWC has a special 50 year pin you can request at, under MEMBER CENTER, Member Recognition Pins. This pin is available at no charge, and club presidents can download the form and either mail, email or fax to GFWC Headquarters. Processing information is included on the form, and they suggest allowing two to three weeks for handling.

You may want to consider a formal presentation of the certificate and/or pin at your regular club meeting so all your members can share in recognizing the accomplishments of these members. Submitting a photo of the presentation for your District Newsletter and to Second Vice President Dianne Foerster ( for possible inclusion Membership Monday is recommended.


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Dear Jennie,
I read your answer to Wanna Comply about the forms for listing new officers for 2014-2016. I don't see a paragraph for Club Presidents on the Home Page. Is the form found somewhere else? Thank you for your help.


Dear Lost?,

It's not're okay! July 1 was the requested cutoff date for club presidents to get in their info. As a convenience, the webmaster put a link on the Home Page to make it easier for the presidents to grab this info. After the deadline passed, she removed that link.

Having said all of the above, here's what you need to do: go to our state website (you are on it now!), hover on Resources/Downloads tab, and click on Members Only (you ARE a member, aren't you?) Once in Members Only, see "For changes to Manual, use this form." That link will take you to the form to complete.

Thanks for asking, and because you did, I can put updated info on Dear Jennie, given others may have the same question.


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Dear Jennie: We are hoping to get another Woman's Club started in our area. We have a good idea about how to go about this, but where can we turn for more information?

Excited About The Possibilities

Dear Excited:

This IS exciting news for all of GFWC Florida!!! The GFWC Florida Bylaws, Article IV, Membership spell out the requirements for admission. A prospective club needs at least 10 members; then, at least 2 weeks prior to a Board of Directors' meeting, you must forward certain requirements to the GFWC Florida Second Vice President (Dianne Foerster): three lists of the names addresses, etc., three copies of the club's Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, if incorporated; and one year's dues. Upon approval by the Executive Committee, the club will be presented to the Board of Directors. (More detailed information may be found in the Bylaws at, under Resources/Downloads, Members Only, then Section G., GFWC Florida Bylaws. In the Bylaws, refer to Article IV, Membership, Section 3., Admission.

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Dear Jennie Our club has been approached about holding a political rally. Is it okay to do this? Wanting to be careful.

Dear Careful,

Assuming your club bylaws are standard, they should say you are non-partisan in the Object (Article II) or in the Requirements for Membership (Article III). If your club is a 501c3, you also have requirements that you need to check for in the letter of determination, as you don't want to risk that status.

A standard "rule of thumb" is: If the political rally is to recognize all candidates for an office, such as in a forum or debate, and all candidates or sides of an issue are presented, it is ok.

If the political rally/fundraiser is for one candidate, you should reconsider getting involved. It could be assumed by the IRS as your organization being political and not meeting the letter of determination. Again, you could be violating your club bylaws. Getting involved in this also could create huge difficulties if you were to "back the wrong horse," so to speak.

If your club has a clubhouse, you need to be cautious about renting it for a candidate's rally or even a victory dinner. While not illegal by your bylaws, or in violation of a 501c3 status, there is a tendency for the public to see this as an endorsement (the "backing of the wrong horse" theory again).

Clubs who may have a candidate for their office who is a member of their club need to exercise caution. The individual club members may or may not support their member candidate, but should avoid using the club's name or wearing any apparel that ties the club to the candidate.

Always remember that support of an issue or a candidate should come as a main motion (RONR, Chapter 5) and vote of the club membership. Only after such a motion passes can the club's name be used in support.

While GFWC is usually considered non-political, do not assume, however, our organization and their clubs cannot support or back an issue such as education bills that support schools. Actually, we have a resolution in GFWC Florida that says as clubs we will support such bills. (See, under the Public Policy tab, for a complete listing of all GFWC resolutions that also give the full force of GFWC membership to back many political issues.)

If after reading this information, you have doubts or require additional information, please feel free to contact GFWC Parliamentarian, Ted Hulse.
(To assist you further, she will need a copy of your club bylaws, and if you are a 501c3, a copy of the letter of determination.)


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Dear Jennie: I'm wanting to sign up at to receive emails, but am not sure how to fill out the part asking me for format. Please help.  ****

Dear Confused,
You MUST fill in the parts with the asterisks. Those fields insure we know who you are! The last part about the format is optional and does not need to be filled in, however, if not filled in, you will receive HTML. HTML is full featured like a webpage. Text is primarily for visually impaired who use readers. Mobile is formatted for mobile devices. All will work.

**** Sept 17 2014 The form has been simplified so all you need to do is fill it in. There is no selection of how you want it sent. It will be sent HTML. Contact if needed.

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Dear Jennie,
1. To Whom do I need to send the new list of officers for 2014-2016?
2. Where can I go to see reports other clubs have completed?
Just Wanna Comply

Hi Wanna Comply

Please do the following to update everyone on your club and officers. (1) at, on the Home Page, scroll down to the paragraph for Club Presidents. Click on the link there to open a form requesting information needed for the manual. (2) Submit a listing with your club officers' names, addresses, phones and emails to GFWC Florida Headqarters, which you may email to Please also copy your District Director if you have not already provided her this information.

On your Awards question, at, click on the red WOMEN tab, then on the blue PROGRAMS tab. You will see reports posted under the CSP areas. These are posted as we receive them, and why you may notice all are not yet available...keep checking.

Thanks for writing...hope this helps.

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Jennie June was the pen name for Jane Cunningham Croly, an American journalist and club woman whose popular writing and socially conscious advocacy reflected her belief that equal rights and economic independence for women would allow them to become fully responsible, productive citizens.

She was indignant when the New York Press Club sponsored a men only reception for Charles Dickens, and she was denied admittance. Her response was to form a woman's club--Sorosis. In celebration of Sorosis' 21st anniversary, she invited women's clubs throughout the U.S. to pursue the cause of Federation by attending a convention in New York City. On April 24, 1890, 63 clubs officially formed the GFWC by ratifying the GFWC constitution.

In her honor, each year GFWC presents the Croly Award for Excellence in Journalism covering Issues of Concern to Women. The award is presented at Convention to the journalist who best demonstrates Croly 's vision.