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Save the Date for GAL Regional Conferences. They need sponsors, volunteers and if you are interested in being a GAL, this is a great way to begin your training. To inquire about volunteer opportunities, please contact Kelly Razzano at 850-922-7213 or

Regional Conferences are being held in:

Panama City- Friday August 26
Gainesville- Friday, September 23
Ft Lauderdale- October, Date TBA
Fort Pierce- October, Date TBA
Fort Meyers- January 2017, Date TBA
Tampa- February 2017, Date TBA

To attend a conference individually, you can register here

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Director's Project 2016-2018-
Florida Guardian Ad Litem

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The Florida Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) program advocates for the best interests of children alleged to be abused, neglected or abandoned who are involved in court proceedings. This means preserving the child’s physical safety and emotional well being, finding a permanent placement in a stable and nurturing home environment that fosters the child’s healthy growth and development, and protecting the child from further harm during the child’s involvement in the court system. Before this program existed, thirty-five years ago, these children went to court alone. Today, there are more than 10,000 advocates who go to court with these children.

How can we help?

• Individually- Make the commitment to become a GAL volunteer. This is an 8-10 hour monthly commitment. This is not something everyone can do depending on their lifestyle. However, if even a few of you become a GAL volunteer, that will make a huge difference in those children's lives.

• Clubs- Hold a fundraiser, donate, volunteer for your local GAL foundation events, provide in kind donations for GAL volunteers or children in your district, support legislation that helps our foster children, etc.

If you are interested individually or as a club in volunteering, use the attached GAL Circuit Director's list to contact your local GAL. The GAL program is by judicial circuit so you will want to contact the circuit in which your club is located.

If you would like to donate money, you can submit funds with your remittance form as GAL will be listed or you can complete the attached monetary donation form and send with your payment to the Statewide GAL Foundation. Either way, the money will go back to the GAL foundation in your community.

At state meetings, we will have donation drive and/or hands on project to help the children that are part of the program around the state. More news to come on how you can help when you come to Fall Board or Convention.

Please join me in supporting this important program in any way that you are able.

I am for the child. I hope you will be too!