The website contest will be held in Florida for all websites but the state winner will be submitted by the state to GFWC.  GFWC FL incorporates GFWC requirements into its own requirements. The contest rules are posted at Resources.

List your club's website with GFWC and GFWC Florida. Listing at one site does NOT list you at the other. For GFWC Florida, only, you may enter an email address or a Facebook page if you do not have a website. If you have both, list the website and you should have a link on your site to your Facebook page.

Websites are useful tools for attracting new members and letting your invited guests become familiar with what your club does. Your own members will enjoy finding the forms you want them to use online. They will enjoy seeing photos of their activities online. But don’t forget that one of the most important things you can have for your website is a way to contact someone who will answer quickly. Again I want to stress setting up a club specific email so no matter who is handling this now, if they move, the email can still be handled. Do not lose donors and members because you have a non-working or out-of-date site! Nothing frustrates a viewer more than discovering the information is four years old. If you don’t care about your club, why should they?

Whether you do an actual website or blog, let the world know who you are and what you do! Click here for guidelines on how to get started. By far, this is not the only way, but it is A way.

Club websites or blogs must have these items and should have all plus any others pertaining to your club.

Look under Contests at Resources for GFWC Florida Club Website contest rules.

These requirements must be met in order to enter the contest. Failure to do so disqualifies the entry. See Website contest Florida 2016-2018 at Resources.