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Day of Service

2016-2018 Terry Laws

Booster Club

2016-2018 Sue Allen


2016- 2018   Sylvia Millard
2016-2018 Bulletin 

Legislation / Public Policy

2016-2018 Donna Peacock
2016-2018 Bulletin  1 2  3
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2016-2018 Marilyn Hogan
2016-2018 Bulletin 1

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Bylaws 2016-2018 1

Archivist / Historian

2016- 2018  Teddy Hulse
2016- 2018 Bulletin 


2016-2018 Maureen Taylor
2016-2018 Bulletin 1B  3

Community Improvement

2016- 2018 Laurie Auth
2016- 2018 Bulletin  1 3

Communications & Public Relations

2016-2018 Mary Crawley Rhodes
2016- 2018 Bulletin   2  3


2016- 2018 Linda O'Toole   
2016- 2018 Membership Bulletin 1 1B  2 3


2016-2018 Sara Castelli
2016-2018  1 3
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These projects and programs are supported by Federation with a chairmen appointed to serve the members. All areas, Women, Juniors, and Juniorettes participate in these and report to this chairmen. Other programs have separate chairmen from Women and Juniors and can be found at their tabs on the menu.

All Administrative, Contests, Membership forms and documents shared by all clubs are found at Resources.

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2016- 2018 Carolyn Thompson
2016-2018 Bulletin 1
Hacienda Girls Ranch, operating under the auspices of Children’s Home Society of Florida, provides a safe haven for 15 abused, neglected and/or abandoned girls ages 12-17. Individual shelter for children in need is also provided through foster care homes. For older teen and young adult women who are low-income and/or have aged out of the foster care system, we offer a Transitional Living Program to help them begin their adult lives and learn to be independent.


2016-2018 Lucy Ann Wines
2016-2018 Bulletin 
Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO)
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The purpose of ESO is to provide clubwomen with a structured reading program to promote individual educational pursuits and stimulate a desire for self-improvement.
ESO can take the form of a reading group or through an individual’s personal reading activities. The goals of ESO which is developed primarily for the personal benefit of clubwomen are as follows:
  • To encourage clubwomen’s continuing pursuit of self education

  • To create an additional means to unite women in volunteerism

  • To stimulate systematic home reading and study with minimum supervision

  • To encourage the establishment of home libraries and greater use of public libraries

  • To encourage the formation of reading/study/discussion groups

  • How do I join?
    What are my responsibilities?
    What are the benefits of ESO?
    Are there other ESO activities besides reading?

    Get the answers HERE

    GFWC Florida ESO Program
    GFWC Florida is in Category 1 for awards together with California, Illinois, New Jersey and Virginia. What a thrill it was to accept First Place Certificate at the GFWC International Conference in 2013 at the ESO Breakfast. And, as if that were not enough of an achievement, at the 2014 Annual Convention, Florida won another First Place award.

    GFWC Signature Project - Domestic Violence

    2016-2018 Kay Taylor
    2016-2018 Kathleen Hudson
    2016-2018 Bulletin  1  2  3

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    Florida LEADS

    2016- 2018 Carole Weaver
    2016-2018 Teddy Hulse
    2016- 2018 Bulletin  1 1B  3
    Our state has benefited by developing its own LEADS program patterned after LEADS at GFWC. Each club selects member who has not held an office. The Leads candidates from the club are narrowed down again to one from each district. GFWC FL holds a LEADS seminar for these members, with one being selected to attend the GFWC LEADS.

    The themed power point presentations made at the 2010 Annual District Meetings can be found under Resources.

    Jennie Award

    (note: State/Region submit to GFWC not clubs)
    2016- 2018 Peggy McLane
    2016- 2018 Bulletin   1
    This award is given biennually to one women who exemplifies the determination of our founder, Jennie June Croly. Please note all entries MUST be sent to our GFWC FL Chairman.

    Scholarship - Women Returning to Work

    2016-2018  Candi Aubin
    2016-2018 Bulletin 1  3

    GFWC Florida Scholarships

    The deadline for applying for the 2016 scholarships for women who need education to obtain employment is March 1, 2017. The applications are on the GFWC Florida website under Resources.

    I know that many of our clubs give local scholarships and the state scholarship program provides an opportunity for more women to obtain financial assistance. Together, we can make a difference.

    Recently, the following information was printed in The Marketplace. “An estimated 2 million Americans age 60 or older are in debt from unpaid student loans according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It said the number of aging Americans with outstanding student loans had almost tripled from about 700,000 in 2005.”

    Many Florida women will benefit from our help and avoid being part of the above statistics. Please advertise the scholarship opportunities to women in your community as well as any local public Florida college, university, or technical school.


    Women's History and Resource Center

    2016-2018 Alene Maier 1B