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Happy Hanukah

Young and old enjoy Federation Friendship! From teens through more "mature" women, we have found working together in our communities to be fulfilling and rewarding and our communities benefit. Look at the variety of programs we have, see the areas we're involved in, come and join us and especially enjoy the friendship.

Lovely Christmas Ornament

This lovely ornament is available in the Mall, second line after the pins, at the end of the row. Get yours and one for your friends for only $10. Order early as these will go quickly. Show your support!




A Celebration of Life for
Ramona Thompson
GFWC Florida President 1996-1998
will be held
January 24, 2015
2:00 pm
William Thomas Funeral Home
823 NW 143rd Street
Newberry, Florida 32669

Membership contests for Juniors and Women - see About/Programs

120th Year GFWC Florida Anniversary Quilt

GFWC Florida is recognizing our 120 years of service by creating a quilt with a square from each club. The quilt will hang at Headquarters in Lakeland. Get the rules and form HERE. Deadline is January 15 2015. The form is also at Resources.

Special word from GFWC for 125th Anniversary

Quote taken from "Memories of Jane Cunnigham Croly, Jennie June": “The spirit and character of her work were her own; and happily for her, and for womankind, she could never be diverted from her chosen path. This, indeed, was one chief secret of her success. She was unalterably true to her divine womanly ideals of woman’s nature, place in society and redemptive work. I say redemptive work, for it was one of her deepest convictions that woman’s function was to be the saving salt of all life. Sorosis was founded on this idea; -- not literary club merely or mainly; not political, social or religious club; but one founded on womanhood, on the divine nature of women of every class and degree.”

GFWC Florida Members, Womanhood was her watchword, and God,duty, faith and hope the springs of her life. As the Florida member of the GFWC 125th Anniversary Committee, Attached are ways in which your clubs can help to announce such a wonderful event in our GFWC club life. Ladies of GFWC Florida, thank you for just being women of duty, faith and hope.

Make plans now to attend GFWC125th International Convention in Memphis, TN on June 10-15, 2015, as we celebrate this huge event in our history! You can also visit GFWC Market Place and purchase the GFWC 125th Anniversary Pin ($12.50 each).

Click HERE for ideas on how your club and celebrate this 125th Anniversary of GFWC

Purchase an AD for Spring convention booklet

Purchase an AD in the Spring Convention Program
We will be celebrating GFWC Florida's 120th Birthday at the
Spring Convention - May 15-17, 2015
Our Special Guest will be:
GFWC President Babs Condon

May seems a long way off, but it is not too soon to give thought to recognizing your club president whose term is ending, or that special member who has made a difference in your club. Honoring them with an ad in our Program Book lets them and everyone else know just how much you appreciate them, and it's something they can share with pride with family and friends. If your club is celebrating a special anniversary, you may want to shout out this milestone to the rest of GFWC Florida with an ad touting the years of service your club has given to your community. Or perhaps there's a member you wish to recognize with a lifetime achievement ad, honoring her dedication to your club, GFWC Florida and your community. How about asking an outside business to take an AD?

We all like to feel appreciated, and it can be especially gratifying to see how much our Club or District appreciates us when we see our name and information in print in an ad. When we place ads, we not only give support to GFWC Florida, more importantly we give a "job well done" pat on the back to the member, Club or District, and we show pride in our accomplishments and milestones.

The program book size is 8 ½ x 11. The ad sizes and prices are as follow: $125.00 full page, $100.00 half page, $50.00 quarter page. We are also offering a back page ad for only $200.00! First come first served, as they say! Please see form for details and here to order.

Please see form for details and here to order.

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